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Welcome to the VI Young Researchers Meeting that will take place on  6th-7th November 2023 at the “Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Málaga (UMA)”.

This meeting will serve as a platform for young and senior scientists to share their projects, and advancements in the fields of oncology/cancer and nutrition/obesity.

Over the meeting days, we will witness a series of oral and poster presentations, in which young researchers will share the results of their studies. These encompass a wide range of areas, such as new technologies, new therapeutic strategies, several mechanisms of cancer development or adipose tissue formation, also topics related to inflammation and lifestyles related to cancer and obesity as well.

In addition to the presentations, we will have keynote lectures and round tables by renowned experts, who will share their experiences, knowledge, and advice to inspire the young researchers present. There will also be panel sessions and debates, where relevant and challenging topics facing the current scientific community will be discussed.

The meeting is exclusive for CIBERONC and CIBEROBN groups and linked groups.

Online registration is open now until 27th October.

Abstract submission is now open until next 27th October, and you can still submit your abstract via email to [email protected]. Please ensure that you fill out the abstract submission form. For more details regarding abstract submission, please visit our website. Those abstracts submitted after October 6th will be presented only as posters.

Additionally, this year we will hold an Artistic Contest, where you can share any photograph of your work and will be exposed during the meeting. The most voted image will be used officially for the next meeting. Please, read carefully the guidelines and how to submit your picture here

During this meeting, we will be recognizing outstanding contributions with awards for the best post-doctoral and pre-doctoral oral presentations, as well as the best poster presentation.

To stay updated on all the information related to the event, please regularly visit our website. Make sure to mark the VI Young Researchers Meeting on your calendars, as we hope to have an in-person gathering held in MALAGA.

Thank you, and we look forward to your participation in this exciting event!

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The Organizing Committe:

Patricia Prada

Patricia Prada graduated in Genetics (UAB), then she completed a master’s degree in Biological Anthropology, Human Diversity and Biomedical Applications at the UB-UAB and obtained her PhD in Neuroscience (UAB) focused on rare diseases. Then, she decided to direct her career path towards translational research and clinical support. In 2021 she joined the Hereditary Cancer Program at the ICO-IDIBELL as Project Manager.

Connor Welch

Connor Welch graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science in 2018 and a degree in Translational Medicine in 2019 from the University of Birmingham. Following this, he joined the organoid group at STEMCELL technologies, Cambridge, UK to generate refined culture media for the growth of intestinal organoids under the INTENS european project. In 2020 he joined the Division of Solid Tumors at CIMA, University of Navarra to complete his doctorate investigating new therapeutic strategies in KRAS-driven tumors.

Miguel Álvarez

Miguel Álvarez obtained his B.Sc. in Biology in 2018 at University of Oviedo, then he moved to Valencia to complete a master's degree in Molecular approaches in medicine in 2019 at the University of Valencia. In 2020 he joined the Head and Neck Cancer group at ISPA-IUOPA where he is developing his PhD in molecular basis of resistance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Isaac Vieco Martí

Isaac Vieco Martí, graduated in Biotechnology (2019) and Master Degree in Neuroscience (2020) at the University of València. In 2020 he started the PhD in the Molecular Pathology Group in INCLIVA (València). He is developing 3D models of Neuroblastoma based on silk fibroin matrices and advanced image analysis pipelines, including artificial intelligence tools.

Carmen Ramos Nebot

Carmen Ramos Nebot, graduated in Biology (UAM) in 2018. She subsequently obtained an Erasmus+ UAM scholarship and joined the Cancer Pharmacology and Stress Response group (ICR) in London. In 2020, she completed a master's degree in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics (UAM), and during the development of her master's thesis in the Invasion and Metastasis group (IIBm), she met Dra. Gema Moreno´s Translational Research in Breast and Gynecologic Cancer laboratory, which she joined in 2020 with a CIBERONC grant and where she is currently doing her PhD focused on resistance to anti-HER2 therapies and development of new therapeutic approaches in breast cancer.

Carmen Sayón-Orea

Carmen Sayón-Orea. Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, and specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health (2018). Master in Nutrition, and in Public Health (Navarra University 2008, and ISCIII 2014), PhD in Applied Medical Research (University of Navarra 2011).Currently working at Public Health Institute and University of Navarra where she combine medical practice (early detection of breast, colorectal and cervical cancer) and research, specially focused on lifestyles and risk of chronic diseases.

Hatim Boughanem

Hatim Boughanem. Hatim has a Bachelor's degree in Biology, Master's and PhD degrees in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Malaga (UMA). In 2018, I joined the group of Dr. Francisco J Tinahones and Dr. Manuel Macias, where I had the opportunity to investigate the effect of vitamin D on the epigenetic mechanisms involved in the prevention of inflammatory diseases such as obesity and colorectal cancer. During 2021, at the beginning of my postdoctoral stage, I expanded by joining the laboratory of Dr. Alberto Dávalos (IMDEA Food, Madrid) and the laboratory of Dr. Lee Parry (Cardiff University, UK) (EMBO Grant Exchange) to deepen into the study of normal and tumoral intestinal organoids. Furthermore, I joined the group of Dr. José López Miranda and Dr. Elena Yubero (IMIBIC, Cordoba) to study the effect of the immune system on inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular events.

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